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The Dutch reformed-christian ‘Reformatorisch Dagblad’ twice a year publishes an extra puzzle issue for its subscribers. This weeks puzzle type is 1-8, invented by Marijke Balmaekers, and published in the childrens section of the ‘Vakantie Doe Boek’ of the reformatorisch Dagblad.

The numbers one to eight have been arranged in a 5×5 grid in such a way that:

  1. Each of the numbers one to eight is used exactly once

  2. There are always one or two numbers in every row, column or diagonal

  3. the sum of the numbers is listed as a clue at the end of the row/column/diagonal

1-8 example

number 1
1-8 2016-02-14 nr 1 exercise

number 2
1-8 2016-02-14 nr 2 exercise

number 3
1-8 2016-02-14 nr 3 exercise

You can check your solutions here, here and here

Matchsticks – 4 equal areas

Matchsticks problems usually fall into one of 2 categories: roman or digital numbers, or geometrical problems. This weeks puzzle is one which belongs to the geometrical group.

Matchsticks puzzle 4 equal areas 2015-12-10 exercise

Add 8 matches to divide this square into 4 areas of equal size and shape. No matches may be broken or cross each other.
This problem is not my own, but i was recently reminded by it by a puzzle on dawies blog.

A new puzzle is posted every friday. You are welcome to comment on the puzzles. Solutions are added at the bottom of a puzzle after one or more weeks.

You can check your solutions here

Coded germs

Pattern code germsOne of the type of puzzles taht has become a trademark of this blog are ‘coded patterns’

Which code goes to the question marks?

You can check your solution here

You are welcome to remark on the puzzle: its wording, style, level of difficulty. I love to read your solution times. Please do not spoil the fun for others by listing the solution. Solutions will be posted after one or more weeks.