The Dutch reformed-christian ‘Reformatorisch Dagblad’ twice a year publishes an extra puzzle issue for its subscribers. This weeks puzzle type is 1-8, invented by Marijke Balmaekers, and published in the childrens section of the ‘Vakantie Doe Boek’ of the reformatorisch Dagblad.

The numbers one to eight have been arranged in a 5×5 grid in such a way that:

  1. Each of the numbers one to eight is used exactly once

  2. There are always one or two numbers in every row, column or diagonal

  3. the sum of the numbers is listed as a clue at the end of the row/column/diagonal

1-8 example

number 1
1-8 2016-02-14 nr 1 exercise

number 2
1-8 2016-02-14 nr 2 exercise

number 3
1-8 2016-02-14 nr 3 exercise

You can check your solutions here, here and here


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