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Squirrels go nuts

When I returned from Burkina Faso early January, my wife presented me with a copy of Smart Game’s new “Squirrels go Nuts!” puzzle.

I already had several of Smart Games puzzles, such as “IQ link” and “IQ Fit”, and they usually provide a decent amount of puzzles, starting easy and gradually toughening. This one is no different.

The puzzle consists of a tray with four holes, and four squirrels who have to drop their acorn into one of the four holes. Your task is to slide the squirrels over the board so that the acorns are dropped into a hole.

The puzzle comes with a booklet with 60 problems, and you may wish to skip the first half of them – personally I found them ridiculously easy, and no, I’m not a super genius.

Plastic snake (2)

On June 8, I published a couple of figures which can be made with the plastic snake puzzle of Clown Games, and 5 years ago I wrote about another one.

My wife Jos and our daughter Margreet made a cpouple of new figures, which are too goof not to share with you, especially as some of the recent ones are real gems.

Plastic snake

Last week I purchased another snake. It is not the first one I obtained, and if its price wasn’t ridiculously low at 4 euro, it would have remained in the shop at The Hague (or was it Utrecht?) Central station. The producer is listed as Clown Games.

You can read about the previous one here.

The packaging consisted of plastic, which I had to cup open.

At 4 euro it was so cheap that wondered if it would fall apart before i finished the booklet with examples, but it actually turned out to be sturdy, and even to a degree where it requires some force to turn.

The little instruction leaflet contained just 4 figures:

These can indeed be constructed:

There are numerous figures one can make with the snake. Credits for the following figures mostly go to my wife Jos and our daughter Margreet: