A Trinairo puzzle consists of a square. Every row and column contains the same number of A, B and C’s. So in a 6×6 grid, every row and column contains 2 A’s, 2 B’s and 2 C’s. In a 9×9 grid, every row and column will will contain 3 A’s, 3 B’s and 3 C’s.
Some letters may be given. If a square is marked blue, the letter in the blue square may not be repeated in squares that are horizontally or vertically adjacent. They may be adjacent diagonally.

Sounds difficult? Not at all.
Try your hand at a simple 6×6 example:

1) 6×6*
trinairo 6x6

2) 9×9*

3) 9×9*

4) 9×9*

To solve these puzzles, I suggest that you print them and use pencil and paper. You can check your solutions: nr 1, nr 2, nr 3, and nr 4.

When I started this blog it was one of my aims to give some international publicity on the Dutch puzzle scene, and I think this is the first post that serves this goal.

The Trinairo is a type of puzzle published by Sanders Puzzlehobby BV in Vaassen. In the Introduction of booklet no 5 Leo de Winter claims that he invented this type of puzzle after he invented the binairo (I hope to treat that puzzle type in a future post) in 2006. He mentions that the first prototype was published in Fall 2011.

Sanders puzzel publishes these puzzles 13 times a year. You can order them from their site

If you solved it, we have the solution to 1, solution to 2 solution to 3for you.


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