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In the bar with Truth-speakers, Switchers and Liars

The remote island of Zwrazr in the Logico archipelago is inhabited by three types of people: Truth-speakers, Liars, and Switchers. Truth-speakers always speak the truth, Liars always lie, and Switchers alternate their sentences between a true sentence and a lie.

After the previous puzzle you are thirsty, and the truth-speaker brings you to a bar close to the harbor. He points at a table with three people, and tells you they are a Truth-speaker, a Liar and a Switcher. He tells you the three people are called Al, Bill and Cindy.
Al says:
Bill is a Liar
Cindy is a Liar

Bill tells you:
Al is a liar
Cindy is a switcher

Cindy sips her cola and thoughtfully says:
Bill is a truth-speaker.

So, who is who?

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New puzzles are published at least twice a month on Fridays.

Maze with numbers

This week I’d like to present a new type of maze.

Somewhere among the concept of this blog is a concept about mazes, their history, their shapes and their applications. In my small library are at least two good books about mazes. But here’s a new type of maze. Smaller versions may be suitable in the class room, while this shape and size are aimed at adults.

Your task? You see the two big 7’s? Find your way from one to the other, by moving vertically or horizontally, through squares which are a multiple of 7. Sounds easy, does it?

Here’s your exercise:

You can check your solution here

New puzzles are published at least twice a month on Fridays. Solutions are published after one or more weeks. You are welcome to discuss difficulty levels, variations and alternate solutions, but plz. don’t publish the solutions.