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Letterboggle (2)

In January 2014, I published a one puzzle blogpost on Letterboggle. Going through old notebooks, I discovered some more of these puzzles.

Let me restate the rules:
* All 26 letters of the alphabet have been used exactly once;
* two letters which are consecutive in the alphabet are always adjacent either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Hence the alphabet forms a kind of snake throughout the firgure;
* The letter A does not need to be adjacent to the letter Z;
* A letter in the margin is present in the same row (if margin letter is adjacent to a row), in the same column (if the margin letter is on top or bottom of a column) or in the same diagonal (if the mnargin letter is in one of the corners);

Letterboggle (1)*
Letterboggle 2016-02-03 nr 1 exercise

Letterboggle (2)*
Letterboggle 2016-02-03 nr 2 exercise

Letterboggle (3)**
Letterboggle 2016-02-03 nr 3 exercise

Note that not all border fields contain a clue. This is on purpose.
Personally I would find alphabet snake a better name, but

You can check your solution here, here and here.

Letter square

Conside the following square with letters.
Square alphabet

What number should go into the cell with the question mark?

Please try to solve the puzzles on your own. You are welcome to remark on the puzzles, and I love it when you comment variations, state wether they are too easy or too difficult, or simply your solution times. Please do not state the soultions – it spoils the fun for others. I usually make the solution available after one or two weeks through a link, which allows readers to check the solution without the temptation to scroll down a few lines before having a go at it themselves.

When you have solved this puzzle, you can check your solution here

You can find more puzzles like this one in our upcoming e-book on Logic Puzzles.

Complete the alphabet (3)

1) Complete the alphabet*


In which row does the letter Z go?

If you solved it, we have the solution to 1

As always, please don’t publish your solutions. Solutions can be found after 1-2 weeks on the solution page for those who want to check their solutions, or for those who are really stuck.
But scrolling is much easier, and really spoils the fun for others.

You are welcome to post your solution times, make remarks, and discuss alternatives. Pointing out alternative solutions is also welcome, as they point out possible problems in the brain teasers.

Complete the alphabet (2)

1) Complete the alphabet*


In which row does the letter Z go?

If you solved it, we have the solution so you can check yours

One of the nice things of wordpress is its detailed visitor stats.
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The most popular posts date back to 2011, all types of river crossing puzzles.
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