Review metal puzzles from TTIE and Eureka

This is one of three reviews to be published this summer while i’m away on holiday,

This post is about metal puzzles that I received for my birthday and fathersday. My thanks go to the family members who donated them.

The metal puzzles from T.T.I.E, PO Box 62 2420 AB The Netherlands are a series of sturdy metal puzzles. They come in grey boxes, which are mostly of a standard size.

SAM_0632 simple TTIE Many of the smaller ones look like standard problems, consisting of 1 twist. I was not able to find their website, zo it is probably not a very big firm.

SAM_0631 Three rings from Eureka! 3d puzzlesTwo of the puzzles I received are more original, they come from Eureka! 3D puzzles. The one with three rings is nice, I havent seen it before, though all the elements are very standard.

The puzzle which I christianed “Double E” is a nice one. It took it with me to the office, where my puzzle friends quickly solved it. Then I twisted them into each other again, and somehow we have been unable to separate them again.

You can find the website of the supplier at, though they only sell to retailers, and dont seem to sell to individuals.


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