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In the picture below you find 6 matchsticks. If we assume a matchstick is 1 inch long, the enclosed surfce has a size of 2.

triangle surfaces 2016-01-26 exercise as square

Now rearrange the 6 matches into two figures of 6 matchsticks each, in such a way that the surface of one figure is exactly 1.5 time the surface of the other figure.

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Playing with numbers – quickies

The next two problems are variants of easy problems from the Dutch 2008 Mathematics Olympiad.
1) 2016*
What is the smallest integer number that, when multiplying its digits, gives 2016?

2) Odd numbers *
Multiply all numbers between 1913 and 2012 (including 1913 and 2012). What is the last digit of the product?

You can check your solutions at 16 and 26 respectively.