Domino – lay out that set

Dutch puzzle designer Leon Balmaekers contacted me recently and told me he had written some booklets with puzzles for highly gifted children. The booklets are in Dutch, and contain a variety of puzzles. The highly gifted children in a classroom can make some of these puzzles when they have completed the normal exercises in a breeze.

One of the puzzle types uses a normal 0-6 domino set. Look at the figure in problem 1. In contrast to dominosa, the domino puzzle type most often used, the borders are clear, but the digits are missing.

Problem 1.**/*****
The numbers along the sides are the sum of the pips in the respective rows and columns. It is up to you to figure out which domino should go where. Normal domino rules are followed: whenever two bones lay end to end, the numbers are equal.

For your convenience, here is a complete double 6 set:

You can check your solution here

Problem 2**/*****

You can check your solution here

Problem 3***/*****

You can check your solution here

A new puzzle is published at least once a month on the first Friday of the month. Additional puzzles may be published on other Fridays.

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