Truth-speakers, Liars and Switchers

The remote island of Zwrazr in the Logico archipelago is inhabited by three types of people: Truth-speakers, Liars, and Switchers. Truth-speakers always speak the truth, Liars always lie, and Switchers alternate their sentences between a true sentence and a lie.

As you arrive on the island, a group of three natives comes to greet you. According to tradition, the group consist of one representative of each group. Luckily for you, they introduce themselves:

  • The left one says: I am a truth speaker
  • The middle one says: I am a liar
  • The one on the right says: I am a switcher

So now you know who is who, don’t you?

You can check your solutions here

New puzzles are published at least twice a month on Fridays. Solutions are published after one or more weeks. You are welcome to remark on the difficulty level of the puzzles, discuss alternate solutions, and so on. Puzzles are rated on a scale of 1 to 5 stars.


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