Sanders, the most innovative puzzle magazine publisher in my native Netherlands, recently published a new variation of Nonogram, also referred to as Hanjies, grid puzzles, picross or, in Dutch, Japanese Puzzles (Japanse puzzels).

It uses triangular grids instead of the customary square grids, which adds a nice touch to this puzzle type. This puzzle type is sometimes called Triddlers, and comes in two types:
(a) the triangles are the half of a square.
(b) These triangles are equilateral triangles, with 60 degrees in every corner.
The puzzles in this publication arte of the latter type, which I much prefer. A nice feature is the inclusion of a small puzzle alongside a big one on every page. Well recommended!
You may wish to try to obtain one through their webshop, I just discovered they now ship internationally.

(Apologies for not including a sample puzzle this post, I havent yet discovered good tools for making good triangular or hexagonal grids. Tips are appreciated, plz add them in the remarks section)


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