Takuzu / Binairo

Takuzu (often called Binairy/Binairo or occasionally Tic-Tac-Toe) puzzles have been around for several years. In my native Netherlands they have been published by both Sanders puzzles and by Denksport, and also in daily newspaper Algemeen Dagblad.
In France, they have been published under the name Takuzu in le Figaro, at least in 2011.

The puzzle consists of a rectangle or square with an even number of rows and columns. This is partly filled with 0’s and 1’s. It should be completed by the solver with 0’s and 1’s in such a way that:
a} There are never more than two consecutive 0’s or 1’s in any row or column;
b) There are an equal number of 0’s and 1’s in every row and column;
c) All rows and columns are different;
This last condition seems to be rarely used in the commercial publications. Sizes are usually 10×10, 12×12 or 14×14, though 6×6 and 8×8 are often offered as introduction puzzles.

Example 1:

puzzle 1: 6×6:***/*****

puzzle 2: 7×7:***/*****

You can check your solutions here and here

New puzzles are published at least twice a month on Friday. Solutions are published after one or more weeks. You are welcome to remark on the difficulty level of the puzzles, discuss alternate solutions, and so on. Puzzles are rated on a scale of 1 to 5 stars.


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