Origami Manifold Puzzles

The September issue of the Dutch magazine Quest came with a small origami puzzle booklet. It contains 8 puzzles. The puzzle in each case is to fold a square piece of paper, such as depicted below, in such a way that one side is black and the other side is white.

There is a book published by “The Incredible Company“. You can freely download a free pdf with 5 puzzles from there site. The book does not seem to mention an author, though I suspect the author is Jérôme Morin-Drouin. Play testers were two people named Caro and Felix.

To solve the puzzles below, print them, cut them and fold them such that the result is a sqiuare, white on one side and black on the other.

Puzzle 1*/*****

Puzzle 2*/*****

Puzzle 3*/*****

No solutions will be given.
Credits go to Quest for pointing out this puzzle type, to the incredible company for coming up with the idea and to my daughter Margreet for puzzle number 2 above. NUmbers 1 and 3 are my own work.


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