On the isle of Odders and Eveners (1)

Which day of the week is it?**/*****
Inspector Simon Mart opened his eyes. The lights hurt and he quickly closed them again. Slowly his memories returned. He had landed on the island of Odders and Eveners in the Logico archipelago. Like all islands in this archipelago, the inhabitants had strange habits when it came to speaking the truth and when lying.
The Odders spoke the truth on the odd days of the week: On Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, and lied on the other days.
The Eveners spoke the truth on the even days of the week, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and lied on the other days.
On the evening of his arrival, he had taken part in the arrest of some smugglers, and he had been beaten unconscious with a coconut. How long would he have been unconscious?

A nurse entered the room of the hospital and he heard a sweet voice asking how he felt. He quickly opened his eyes and saw that it was an indigenous inhabitant of the island.
“What day is it?” he asked.
“Tomorrow I will speak the truth,” she answered cryptically, in the same reassuring tone that some mothers use against their toddlers. Just before he lost conscious again, he realized that the nurse had actually answered his question.

What day of the week was it?

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