Which day of the week?


Fursters and Secunders – 1**/*****
Inspector Simon Mart had arrived on the island of Loginha. Half of the inhabitants, the Fursters, lie on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and speak the truth on the remaining days. The other half of the population, the Secunders, lie on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays and speak the truth on the other days.

Inspector Simon Mart read through two interrogation reports and immediately noted a major omission: neither of them was dated, but he was assured that both had been written yesterday. One was an interrogation of a Furster, the other of a Secunder. Both contained the sentence “I lied yesterday”.

On what day did the inspector read the interrogation reports?

You can check your solutions here

Fursters and Secunders – 2*/*****
Inspector Simon Mart spoke to two people. One told him: “Today is Saturday”. The other told him: “Today is Sunday”.
If he does not know what day it is, can he deduce who is who?

You can check your solutions here

A new puzzle is published every Friday. You are welcome to discuss the difficulty level of the puzzles. Solutions are posted after one or more weeks.


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