My colleague and his daughter

father and daughterThis week a colleague brought some cake for his birthday. He didnt want to tell his age, but he did reveal that he and his daughter together were 46 years old, and that in eleven years he would be thrice as old as his daughter.
What are their ages?

You can check your solutions here


3 thoughts on “My colleague and his daughter

    1. today his daughter is 6 and he is 40, totaling 46.
      After 11 years daughter will be 17 and he will be 51, Thrice the daughter’s age.

    2. Hi IitianWay, glad to see you back!
      Congratulations on starting your own puzzleshop!
      I’ll try to add difficulty levels (1-3 scale) again, though judging difficulty level is hard.
      As for lateral thinking puzzles, yopu may like the bongard puzzles.

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