The 4 cards (Cont’d)

The brainteaser of the 4 cards is a nice teaser, which made me wonder if it could be generalized. Indeed I found a couple of ways to vary upon this theme.

1) The 3 values
There are six cards in front of you. Each of them has a letter on one side and a number on the other side. Three of them have letters face up: A, B and C. The other three have numbers face up: 1, 2 and 3.
How many cards (and which) do you want to check if you want to know every card with ‘C’ on the front face has a ‘2’ on the reverse?
6 cards

You can check your solutions here

2) The three triangular blocks
Another way to vary on this subject is to have more than one backside. Consider the wooden blocks depicted in this figure. They have three sides (plus a top and a bottom). One side has a letter, one side a color and one side a number. Only one side is facing you. You can only rotate them clockwise. You are not allowed to get up and walk around them.
As you can see, each block now has two ‘backsides’, a leftback and a rightback. The letter is either A or B, the number either 1 or 2, and the colour either orange or purple.
3 blocks

As you can see there is an ‘A’, a ‘2’ and an ‘Orange’ facing you.

How many rotations do you have to make to ascertain if the rightback of all B is purple?

You can check your solutions here


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