The river war

river war illustration

“It was during the Russian Civil War, ” Captain Abromovitch told his great grandchildren, “That I was ordered to take my ship, the Asbestos, down the river from Astrakhanitch to Cosmovitch. It was a valuable package I had to transport, and a dangerous mission as well, as the Tzarists still controlled Borovitch between Astrakhanitch and Cosmovitch. In Borovitch, the Tzarists held control of the Berilyum, a sistership of my Asbestos. Both had the same speed of 5 miles per hour on a lake without any current.”
He took a sip from his orange juice, and continued:
“They had a spy in Astrakhanitch, and this enabled the Berilyum to leave Borovitch to intercept me the minute I left Astrakhanitch with my Asbestos. Steaming upstream, of course the Berilyum went slower than my Asbestos steaming downstream, so we didnt meet in the middle between the two towns, but at a point closer to Borovitch than to Astrakhanitch. Having several soldiers on board, while I had none, they immediately seized my ship and brought us to Astrakhanitch.”

If the distance between Astrakhanitch and Borovitch is 20 miles, how long did it take the Tzarists to intercept the Asbestos?

You can check your solutions here

A new puzzle is posted every friday. You are welcome to comment on the puzzles. Solutions are added at the bottom of a puzzle after one or more weeks.


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