Inspector Simon Mart and the stolen toupet

2000px-Searchtool.svgInspector Simon Mart looked out of the window of his familiar office room. What he saw was very familiar: nothing. Or, more precisely: the well known grey of London smog. It looked like a particular dense smog, as he could not even see the tree at the other side of the street, nor the pedestrians or traffic in the street below.

He would much, much rather have been at the sun drowned beaches of a tropical archipellego, but he was here back in London.
And he’d better get to work. He looked at the interrogation reports of the three criminals. The toupet of major Big Boaster had been stolen. The three criminals were all so rotten that none of the three could utter three sentences without speaking the truth more than once. Luckily, it had already been established that one of them was the thief.

Their interrogation reports:
Picking Pete: Rotten Ray is innocent. Thoughtless Theo is the thief. I am innocent.
Rotten Ray: To his dismay inspector Mart found that some thoughtless secretary had spilled coffee over this interrogation report, and it was completely unreadable.
Thoughtless Theo: Picking Pete is innocent. I am innocent. Rotten Ray is the thief.

Inspector Simon Mart got himself some tea from the coffee maachine and found that it tasted just like one can expect from a coffee machine: the tea tasted as coffee.
Still, he managed to conclude who the thief was. Can you?

You can check your solutions here

A new puzzle is posted every friday. You are welcome to comment on the puzzles. Solutions are added at the bottom of a puzzle after one or more weeks.


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