Inspector Simon Mart and the camper at Trafalgar square

2000px-Searchtool.svgInspector Simon Mart looked at the blank screen of the word processor in front of him. He really wanted to write down something about the interesting cases he had explored at the isle of KoaLoao. He was glad, of course, to be back in London, back in the familiar office, back between the familiar colleagues at Wales Yard, back in his own familiar office room with the familiar mug of the familiar undrinkable drab of coffee.
Just as a blink of inspiration on how to start popped up, a superintendant dropped in, wiping out any trace of inspiration about how to start.
‘Three suspects of the theft of the copper kettle of a camper on Trafalgar Square, Simon. Can you question them? Boring cases, of course, for you, after your holiday in Archipelagio.’
‘The only one who needs to be questioned is the camper,’ Simon replied dryly. ‘Why would any one in his right mind want to put up his tent there? Did he obstruct the traffic? And why would he have a copper kettle where every camper uses plastic stuff?’
‘I admit we made a Strategic Mistake in letting that guy go,’ the superintendant replied with a devilish smile, ‘He didnt seem to have obstructed the traffic – he put up his tent in the fountain. But the three suspects we rounded up are all we have. Oh, and we are sure one of them did it.’ Having said that, he showed in Mighty Mike, Ron Rubbish and Sluggy Sarah.
Inspector Simon asked them one simple question: ‘Who did it?’
Mighty Mike replied: Ron Rubbish did it.
Ron Rubbish answered: Sluggy Sarah took it.
Sluggy Sarah said: I’m innocent.
Now, assuming only the thief lied, who should the inspector keep in custody for further interrogation?

You can check your solution here


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