Billy and the christmas party

Train comingBilly desparately wanted to go to the christmas party in the neighbouring village. All the pretty girls from all over the neighbourhood would be there and would be giving kisses to anyone under the mistletoe. And he sure would be there right under the mistletoe as often as he could!

Because he was late, he decided to take a shortcut through the old railway tunnel. It was a straight tunnel and he had an excellent view. When he was still 32 meters from the middle of the tunnel, he heard a train coming up from behind. It was still as far away from the entrance of the tunnel, as the tunnel was long. He immediately ran back and made it with just a meter to spare!
If he had ran to the exit ahead of him with the same speed, the train would have caught him 20 meters before the exit of the tunnel.

Somehow the train driver must not have seen him, maybe by the darkness in the tunnel, as it drove on at the same constant speed all the time.

How long is the tunnel?

What the trains speed was? Oh well, I’m sure little Billy told me, but you know, old age and memory and such – I have completely forgotten. Certainly you are so good you can do without?

Formal disclaimer: Never use an old railway tunnel. There are two possibilities: either the railtrack is in use or it is not. If the track is in use, you may be caught by a scheduled or an extra unscheduled train by surprise. If the track is no longer in use, the tunnel is not maintained and may be be liable to cave in.

You can check your solution here

You are welcome to remark on the puzzle: its wording, style, level of difficulty. I love to read your solution times. Please do not spoil the fun for others by listing the solution. Solutions will be posted after one or more weeks.


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