61 equals 28?

61 is 28

Make the equation in the picture above correct. To do so, you may freely move the digits around. You may not add other stuff such as plus signs, multiplication signs, and so on.

Recently I purchased “Logic Brain Teasers”, published by Mensa. There was a puzzle on the back cover and while attempting to solve it as a family during dinner, the idea for this puzzle was born.

You can check your solution here

You are welcome to remark on the puzzle: its wording, style, level of difficulty. I love to read your solution times. Please do not spoil the fun for others by listing the solution.

I do offer my apologies that the puzzle above does not carry a christmas theme, as I had intended. I had two puzzles in mind, but in one I made an error in my calculation and for the other I had insufficient infomation on its origin.

Christmas time is something special in many parts of the world. For some, these are happy days with the family. For others, it’s just a few days off. For me, as an orthodox christian, it is a time of celebration.
Celebration, because where we humans develop irritation, dislike and even hate, God has come to offer a possibility of peace.
Celebration, becuase where we suffer poverty, He has come to share his richness with us.
Celebration, because where we suffer bondage, He has come to set us free.
Celebration, because the God, who is greater than our imagination can comprehend, chose to be born as a small and vulnerable baby.
I wish that you may enjoy the Christmas days and may experience a little bit of the peace, freedom, and richness he wishes to give us.


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