Slitherlink puzzle

Slitherlinks are one of 20+ puzzle types invented by or first published by the Japanese puzzle firm Nikoli.

The rules are simple: draw one line through the grid, in such a way that
a) it forms one closed loop, and
b) in each cell the number of borders matches the number in the cell, and
c) the loop may not touch itself, not even its corners.

Slitherlink example02



So try your hand at a small puzzle:
1) 5×5

Slitherlink 5x5 handmade exercise




There are good guides with solving techniques at:
* nikoli
* English wikipedia
* Conceptis puzzles

2) 8×8
Slitherlink handmade 8x8 exercise 2013-01-31




3) 9×9
Slitherlink handmade 9x9 2013-02-06 exercise




4) 10×10
Slitherlink loopy grid 10x10 exercise easy




5) 5×5 honeycomb
We need not restrict ourselves to squares. Here is one example with a honeycomb.
Loopy honeycomb 5x5 exercise easy

The last one is a screenshot from the Loopy program, which you can freely download from Simon Tatham sportabel puzzle collection.


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