Divide the clock

Clock math olympiad exercise
The illustration shows an old fashioned analog clock.
Usings two straight lines, in how many parts can you divide it so that the digits on all parts have an identical sum?

I found this puzzle on aplusclick.com as a former math olympiad problem.

I would like to encourage you to solve this puzzle on your own. It will increase your self confidence, while looking up the answer will lower your self esteenm.

When you have solved this puzzle, you can check your solution here

You are welcome to remark on the puzzles, and I love it when you comment variations, state wether they are too easy or too difficult, or simply your solution times. Please do not state the solutions – it spoils the fun for others. I usually make the solution available after one or two weeks through a link, which allows readers to check the solution without the temptation to scroll down a few lines before having a go at it themselves.


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