A Park puzzle has only two rules:
1) Every row, column and park has exactly 1 tree;
2) Trees are not adjacent horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

1) The stats*
Parks - stats - exercise

2) parks 7×7*
Parks 7x7 2013-09-10 exercise

You can check your solution here and

Did you know?
My current customer has the nice habit of allowing its employees a certain amount of freedom. It aint as much as Google’s former 20% free time, but it does offer facilities such as posting reflective sayings. One I came across is:

If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It’s lethal. (Paulo Coelho)

This may be not be literally true of the body, but I believe it’s certainly true of the mind. Brains which do not regularly encounter new challenges, develop less well when young and detoriate faster when old.

One thing I consciously try to do is presenting new puzzles. And not just new puzzles, but also present a new type of puzzle. This means your brain has to start afresh with a new problem. You have to figure out new ways to tackle this challenge.
By presenting several puzzles of the same new type your brain has a chance not only to discover HOW to solve them, but also to let these ways reach the conscious state. You realize what the new tricks are with which you can solve these problems. And that is an important element of acquiring new skills (and I suspect for your brain an important part of creating new neural connections)


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