Four fours





Using exactly four fours, create the numbers 0-30. You may use the usual mathematical operands, but not squaring, as this requires a number 2. You may use brackets.
Example: (4+4)-(4+4)=0

As always, please don’t publish your solutions. Solutions can be found after 1-2 weeks on the solution page for those who want to check their solutions, or for those who are really stuck.
But scrolling is much easier, and really spoils the fun for others.

I am very much interested in your solution times, and I welcome your remarks and criticisms. Pointing out alternative solutions is also welcome, as they point out possible problems in the brain teasers.

If you are puzzled, we have a solution for you.

This puzzle has a long history. When I still was a teenager, my father challenged me to make all numbers 0-20 using the digit 4 exactly 4 times. Recently I shared this puzzle with some fellow consultants. Kees Krol arrived at the office one morning and announced he had extended the range all the way to 30. 🙂

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