Jimmy’s lemonade

1) Jimmy’s lemonade*
Billy's lemonade
Jimmy looked at the 5 pint can with cold pineapple lemonade on the table in his garden. That would suffice for the whole summer afternoon, he hoped. He had however not counted in his four friends. Soon they came running. Jack brought a 4-pint can, Jill and Janet each came with a 2 pint can while little James had managed to obtain a 1 pint can.

How many pourings did Jimmy need to give each exactly 1 pint of pineapple lemonade? It goes without saying that his friends would critisize every superfluous pouring, as each pouring meant the spilling of some of that lovely lemonade.

About two monthe agao I posted here a listing of all frequently appearing pouring puzzles. The one above was not listed there, but I came across it in Games and Puzzles issue 50.

You can check your solution

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