Some puzzles are more like riddles. Here are some classics:

1) Ox
A farmer in Asia is ploughing his land with a cow. His field is 123 feet long.
With each of its four legs, the cow makes 2 footprints for every feet it walk.
When the farmer walks back along the last straight furrow, how many footprints will he count?

(This one is based on an old problem going back to the middle ages, see the Propositiones by Alcuin of York)

2) Railway crossing
What are the colours on the boom barrier of an uncontrolled railway crossing in Australia?

3) Legal trouble
A plane belonging to a British company with German passengers, crashes on the border between the USA and Canada. In which country will the survivors be buried?

4) More legal stuff
In Belgium, is it legal for a man to merry his widows sister?


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