Cross sums

1) Physics*
blank 3x3 square
Every column and row totals 14.
ab3: the atomic number of silver
bc2: the number of hours in a day
bc1: the NGC number of a galaxy in the constellation Pisces
You should need only 2 of the 3 clues.

2) Bible*
blank 3x3 square
Every row and column totals 13.
ab3: the number of years that the people of Israel dwelt in the desert
abc2: number of fish caught by Peter at the end of the gospel of John
bc1: age of Mozes when he was called in the desert, + the number of daughters of Putiel that Eleazer took as his wife(s)
You should need only 2 of the 3 clues.

3) Games*
blank 4x4 square
Use the numbers 2,3, 4 and 6 exactly once in every row and colomn.
ab4: the number of chess pieces at the start of the game
bc3: the number of territories in the risk game
cd1: number of pegs in standard peg solitair
d2: number of suits in a card game
b21: the number of playing squares on a monopoly board MINUS the maximum number of houses on 1 street.
a21: the number of playing fields in back gammon
Again, you don’t need to solve every clue to solve the puzzle.

Cross-sums like the above appeared among others in “Introducing cross-sums” by Edward Fulbrook and Richard Maltby jr, ISBN 0-911104-68-2 in 1977. Mid 2012 I purchased a book with sudoku’s to be solved by obtaining trivia.
The term “cross-sum” is nowadays almost exclusively used for kakuro puzzles, which are hugely popular. Kakuro puzzles have a totally different concept.

In summer 2012 I obtained a book SUDOLOGIQ by Ludwig Konemann, which takes this concept to the form of sudoku’s.

You can check your solutions:
solution to 1
solution to 2
solution to 3


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