Endview, Edgeview

Edgeview or Endview or “ABC End view puzzle” is the name of a popular class of logic puzzles. The english language wikipedia calls it Buchstabensalat, but gives no source for this name, and I frankly believe this is a mistake. I have seen it called Endview, though personally I prefer the name edgeview. At the time of writing, the arguments ‘endview puzzle’ gives 18.600 hits, buchstabensalat 16.000, but often with a different meaning or with an explanation that this is an “ABC end view puzzle”. It appeared in many world puzzle championships.

I’m not sure who invented this type of puzzle, or when. I think I have seen it around for a few decades.

In a 4×4 square grid, every row and column contains the letters ABC and one empty space. Along the edges of the grid, some cells are filled with the first letter seen from that cell.

1) 4×4
The following puzzle has an A, B, C and empty space in every row and column.

2) 5×5
This puzzle has A, B, C and two empty spaces in every row and column:

3) 6×6
There are an A, B, C, D and two empty spaces in every row and column:

If you solved it, we have the solution to 1, solution to 2 solution to 3for you.


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