Odd one out


A while ago I suggested an “odd one out” at the gbrainy group discussion, and was quickly reproached for overlooking a hasty made up example. No excuse of course, and the other was completely right.
While surfing around this week I encountered another odd one out at Tanyas blog, see the illustration above. No solution given this time, and rightfully so. You are welcome to comment your solution 🙂

As an illustration of the dangers of odd one out, I just did a bit of surfing, and found this one as part of an established IQ-test:
Ο pen
Ο paper
Ο pencil
Ο crayon
The answer given was “paper”, as paper is the medium on which we write or draw, while crayon, pen and pencil are devices with which we write or draw.
The answer could as well have been Crayon, because it is not an everyday object, or because it starts with a ‘p’.

Despite these apparent dangers, there are some nice puzzles to be created in this category, and I hope to get back to this topic in a later post.

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